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Pension Jovanovic




The house is certificated and officially categorized with 4 stars and located at an altitude of 300 m, next to the paved road. The conditions for a stay and holiday are good all year round. One can rent a part of the house or all of it, for a longer stay, weekends, just overnight or even just for a day. There is central heating in the house.

The house contains: a large living-room, a dining room, a separate kitchen, one bathroom upstairs, one bathroom downstairs, and bedroom1, bedroom2, bedroom3, bedroom4, one downstairs and three upstairs. There is a big covered terrace upstairs and an open one downstairs.

Go through the upper and lower part of the house with the mouse and on the picture on the left side take a look at the inner part of the house.

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Cars of our guests are safe - there is safe parking place inside of our yard.

In our house you can stay with your pet (dogs or cats), but you have to book that earlier because we must inform other guests that there will be dogs or other pets in that period.

Not so far from the house there is the Krivošija stream. Absolutely natural environment enables comfortable vacation in the village and different kinds of recreation: fishing, long walks, sun-bathing, playing football, basketball as well as space suitable for children’s play.
Your vacation and leisure can be fulfilled in the canyon of the Gradac River. The Gradac is one of the cleanest European rivers and a favourite picnic area during hot summer days. It abounds in brook trout. Old watermills are one of the symbols of this 1300-hectare natural reserve, which has been entrusted to the Gradac Ecological Society by the Valjevo Municipal Assembly.The price for a day fishing permission for foreign guests is 1500dinars and for national guests 500 dinars.

The food is local and traditional. It is made in our household. We prepare other food as well depending on the wish of our guests. We offer old, traditional, Serbian dishes as well: home-made bread, corn bread, kačamak (corn porridge), kajmak (type of Serbian cream), cicvara (dish made of flour, eggs, butter and cheese), home-made cheese, popara (prepared with dried bread with the addition of cheese, kajmak, milk, but if you add different additions it may be made quite differently)..All the dishes are made and served as our guests wish.

Guests are welcome to participate in any farm chore for their own recreation. They can do canning and pickling for themselves free of charge. (Guests can prepare homemade preserves, brandy as well as fresh fruit juices).

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