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During the stay our guests can go on an excursion in our or their own organization:

Brankovina, In the vicinity of Valjevo is the village of Brankovina (10km from Valjevo), the home of famous Serbian family Nenadović, which gave leaders of the First Serbian Uprising, ministers of the first Serbian government, spiritual leaders and travel writers Duke Aleksa, Archpriest Mateja, Dukes Jakov, Sima and Jevrem, writer Čika Ljuba and Queen Persida Karađorđević, mother of King Peter the Liberator.

Brankovina hosted the best known Serbian poetess Desanka Maksimović, who spent her childhood (she was born in the nearby Rabrovica) and completed primary school there. Throughout her life, Desanka remained emotionally attached to Brankovina, and she frequently revisited it and spent her last years there, and was finally buried under a hundred year old oak trees in the Brankovina churchyard, according to her wishes.

The sights of Brankovina are encompassed in a cultural and historical complex, which includes the Church of Saint Archangel, Archpriest’s school, Desanka's school, Old Courtroom, the graves of the Nenadović family and Desanka Maksimović, as well as old “sobrašica” summer houses in the exquisitely beautiful Brankovina churchyard.

The Ćelije Monastery is 6 km southwest from Valjevo, situated in the picturesque canyon of the Gradac River, dates back from the 14th century. It is also well-known for the famous theologian Justin Popović, PhD, who was a priest there from 1948 to the seventies in the last century and was buried in the monastery yard. Archimandrite Justin Popović is the author of numerous important studies of orthodoxy and one of the founders of the Serbian Philosophical Society. The monastery church is dedicated to St. Archangels Mihajlo and Gavrilo. The yard of the monastery is full of flowers, fir-trees and there is a palace in the monastery made of red bricks and white stones. More…www.celije.org.yu

The Manastir Lelić keeps the relics of Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, a famous religious thinker, Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford, author of a large number of religious and philosophical works, the most important Serbian spiritual educator after St Sava. There is a museum in the monastery


Pustinja Monastery is in the canyon of the river Jablanica, 20km from Valjevo.
It is assumed that it dates back to the 13th century. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is a nunnery, but in the past monks were living here. The monastery is in a very small, hidden place surrounded by steep hills. The inaccessibility and concealment of this monastery made a relatively peaceful life during the rule of the Turks. It has a unique architecture (Ras school) and valuable, well-preserved frescoes. One of the most outstanding is the fresco of St John the Baptist, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

Petnica is located 6km far from Valjevo and it  is a sport-recreational centre with three outdoor swimming-pools and sport facilities ( for basketball, football, volleyball and mini golf) Petnica is best-known for its cave. The Petnica cave consists of 600m long canals and numerous rooms. It is divided into two parts- lower and upper part of the cave. The lower part is significally less than the upper, but it has a more accessible entrance. Here the underground river Banja springs. The upper part of the cave is bigger and represents both rooms and canals.

DivčibareThe air-spa Divčibare is ideal for rest, rehabilitation and recreation. Divčibare, a plateau on the mountain Maljen, with a picnicking tradition 100 years long, has an average altitude of 1000 m. It is 28km away from Valjevo and 110km from Belgrade. Due to its favorable climatic conditions it has been declared a climatic resort. It has a rich flora and fauna and an abundance of streams which, together with favorable configuration of the terrain, make Divčibare a pleasant holiday resort at any time of the year...More www.divcibare.co.yu

The Vrujci Spa, Vrujci is located in the foothill of  Suvobor and Maljen mountains and in the valley of the river Toplica. It is 30km far from Valjevo and 90km from Belgrade and located at an altitude from 179 to 252m with mild continental climate. Termomineral water of the Spa contains potassium, magnesium, selenium. The rehabilitation centre offers a complete medical treatment and different kinds of therapies. The water can be used for drinking and for baths as well. more..www.banjavrujci.co.yu

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