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Pension Jovanovic




"We really enjoyed our stay at your lodging house. Anita and I had a great time in Valjevo and wish we could have stayed longer. The food was excellent and everything else was outstanding. The time we had with Ivan to show us some great places to visit was great. I am going to tell all my friend at the American Embassy about this wonderful place to come for visit. This was the best place I have stayed at in Serbia and I plan to come back many times in the future. Thanks again for treating us like we were your own family."

Ron Hill - American Embassy
August, 2006.

"I was here for business purposes. I was here already in July/august with my family and had such a good time. I wanted to stay here instead of a hotel. Again they treated me as family and helped me with all my needs. Best place ever in Serbia to stay! Again this year in august we will be here to stay for two weeks. We then will again enjoy the company of Slobodan, Ivan and Milena and granny. Have fun with these people, they know how."

Jos Jansen - Holland
February, 2007.

"I enjoyed my stay here very much. The hospitality was wonderful. I learnt a lot about Serbian rural life by staying here.
I want to wish Boban, Milena and Ivan much luck and prosperity with their enterprise."

Ken Nicholson, USA
March, 2007.

"That has been a fantastic experience visiting your village house. We have come here mostly because of an International Dog Show in Valjevo. We’ve been looking for a place just to spend night, but we have found a warm hospitality which exceeds our imagination. This is just a place one cannot skip being around. Congratulations and all the best!!!"

Ana & Tomasz Kochan, Mafgonat Wieremiejczuk, Poland
May, 2007.

"Wonderful place, friendly people – we feel here like at home, like members of the family. We have come here just to show our dogs at International show in Valjevo and we have found great place to have a rest. We didn’t expect it could be so nice, we enjoy every minute.
Thank you so much! Hopefully we will be back! It’s unreliable we could stay here with our 4 dogs they could play in the garden, just like at home. Slobodan and his family are real dog people – it is very important to us.
With love"

Kas'ka Telenlolin, Magdaneta Gmesikalian, Magdaneta Zaknenska, ELMO (Airedale terrier) TEZKA (smooth fox terrier) HARRY, KASZTANKA (Lakeland terriers), Poland
May, 2007.

"Thank you for the wonderful time at your country side residence. The peace and quite those we found here was very rewarding. We are looking forward to the next time we will come to visit."

Martin and Milena, Stuttgart, Germany/Belgrade
July, 2007.

"We were only able to stay for 2 days, but wish we could stay much longer. As our hosts you showed us great hospitality – fantastic meals, taking us to the local sights, showing us the Serbian way of life. Your warm house is in such a beautiful location – maybe next time we will come in spring or summer. We will recommend you to our friends and fellow travelers. Best wishes"

Michael & Donna Gray, Brisbane, Australia
November, 2007

"We had a wonderful time in Popucke (Serbia) by the family Jovanovic and his animals.
The last evening was perfect – barbeque in the garden and a nice campfire.
For us this was the best place in the holiday.
The food was perfect, the weather was good, and the family was very nice. We want to thank Ivan for the great fun, Milena for the cooking, Slobodan for helping with the car and grandmother for the coffee. You all treat us like we were good friends of yours.
We will come back again, and Slobodan we will send you seeds for your Dutch tomatoes.
Warm greetings from.
And a special word for Nenad. He helped us a lot with translation and he was very king for us. He gave us a warm welcome.
And in September we wait for the e-mail. So greetings to Nenad and his wife.
Thanks for everything!
Love for Serbia"

Jan Mororlag, Jta Moorlang, Jessicca Schippers, Gooitske Kanies, Holland,
May, 2008

"Herzlichen dank für die so leckeren speisen auf dem tisch und die wunderbare nacht! Alles gute!
Hvala lepo!"

Jeni Trant, Gerd Bictnidn, Cladic Hedo, Ruth Anna Bathne
June, 2008

"Vielen Dank für die Gestfreundschaft, das leckere Essen und ein grosses weiches Bett nach 7 Tagen im zelt.
Hvala i doviđenja."

Allet Fute, Tochen, Arne Malte, Hamburg, Germany
August, 2008

"Muchas gracias por vuestra hospitalidad. Por hacernos sentir como en casa por dejarnos compartir este lugar que no vamos a olvidar. Hvala!"

Charo Casas, Madrid – Spain
August, 2008





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